Thursday, August 28, 2014

American Girl Beforever Release!

   Good afternoon everybody!

   I'm so excited to finally see all of the new changes that American girl has made! The first thing that I noticed was the colors. Everything is so vivid! Here are a few of my favorites!

First of all, I LOVE Addy's new dress! That blue looks lovely on her!

Okay, the moment that I saw Caroline in this dress my first thought was, "Cinderella!" What do you think?

I'm usually not a fur coat person but this outfit is so cute! Once again, beautiful colors! 

Julie's dress is pretty but it could be a tad longer, in my opinion.

I wasn't crazy about Kit's new meet outfit but the rest of her new clothing was really cute! 

Okay, I love hats and AG came out with so many cute ones this time!

Awesome color pairing in this outfit, however, I think they could have done a better job on her dress.

It looks a little awkward to me. But the sweater is super cute!

I really like Rebecca's meet outfit! She looks so cute in purple!

And her holiday dress is so pretty! Her hair is so cute like that!

Yay! Samantha's back! I'm glad they didn't change her too much. Her dress, though looks short for the Victorian Era.

Really, really cute hat!  Great job AG!

This coat reminds me of the coat that use to be in her collection. It got a nice face-lift.

I don't know about this dress... It's a little too....shiny.

This ice-cream set is so cute!

And last but not least, Samantha's bicycle! It's really cute but would it really have been that pink?

So, now that you've heard my opinion, what do you think? Comment, and let me know :)


Monday, August 18, 2014

American Girl Doll Clothes Giveaway!

Good Morning!

  I just wanted to quickly share this exciting giveaway with all of you! Presenting...

Enter to with a $575 Custom American Girl Wardrobe #Giveaway. Dress your doll for the entire year! Enter now through Aug 25th.

You can enter at: 

Good luck!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cricket turns 3!


  Today marks the day that we rescued Cricket from the dog pound. (Her birthday.) So to celebrate, I put together a bunch of photos. Here they are!

The birthday girl!

(She didn't like that hat very much)

I have WAY to many pictures of her sleeping!

 She's just too cute!




"Did someone say, "squirrel!"

Hope you've enjoyed! 


p.s. I've been meaning to post about my birthday last Friday. Will do first chance I get! 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Fun Find

Hello all!

  While browsing the wide array of items at a local church's flea market, I stumbled across this doll-sized  treasure...

An American girl doll sized chair!

Lily offered to be my model :)

I like that it sort of has an antique look, perfect for a Historical's photo shoot. 

Posing :)

I tried some photo editing, pretty cool, huh?

Besides the chair I also found a couple AG books...

This cook book is awesome!

Then the Kit movie book.

It has all sorts of neat behind-the-scenes stuff.

Have you ever found an AG treasure?

Enjoy your weekend!