Thursday, June 28, 2018

Well that's embarrassing...

     Hello. *waves awkwardly*

     I feel I must issue a quick apology to those of you who have left comments over the past two months.  You may have noticed that your comments were never moderated and therefore never published. 

     I was just scrolling through my dashboard and discovered that in my distracted/diverted/overwhelmed-with-life state of mind I've been swimming through due to various and unexpected happenings within my family and life lately that I neglected to actually publish them.  Whoops.

     So again, I'm sorry.  Please don't think it is because I don't love you, because I do!  You are all amazing and every time you leave a comment you brighten my day! 

     Talk to you soon!


Friday, June 15, 2018


     The choices we make, the choices we take, some we regret, some are mistakes.  Some lead us near, some lead us far, all serve to make us who we are.

 You never know where you end up when visiting Sharepoint, or what to click

     But still, whatever choices we decide to make, they are what turn us into the people we are.  They are the weft thread that makes up the pattern of our lives, that shapes our character and builds it to what it's meant to become.

     Sometimes the decision is difficult to make, other times we are entirely confident in what we have chosen. Either way, there will be many, many times in our lives when we will turn and look back and imagine that life would be better or things would be easier had we made a different choice.  Tread a different path, followed a different dream.

     This is tempting but serves only as a distraction, an excuse to stand still.

Blackheath, Surrey. Thankfully there's a real direction sign at this crossroads, on the other side of the road!

      So remember this: nothing in our lives is ever wasted and there is a plan and purpose to absolutely everything.

      We may never know what lives we've touched or to what extent our seemingly simple or insignificant choices have affected the people, places, and things in our lives for the better.

Nothing goes to waste.

God uses everything...

...even our mistakes.

 "Thoughts become choices, choices become actions, actions become habits, habits…

Monday, May 21, 2018

Fresh starts and new pizazz

Well hello. 

It's just me, your elusive neighborhood blogger, back from who-knows-where doing who-knows-what.  Again.

It seems like lately I'm writing into an echo chamber.  I apologize for my absence, post something guilt ridden and half hearted, and repeat the process over when I seemingly inevitably disappear yet again.  And to be perfectly truthful, I am quite sick of that ceaseless pattern. 

Alright, scratch all that out.  I don't want it to be that way anymore, and I've got a fresh idea!

I want to write you about things that are important to me, things that are "me".  I have a tendency of convincing myself that no one who doesn't already know me well really wants to hear what I have to say.  This causes me to keep things at surface value, revealing my true depth only to those closest to me.  And in doing so, I rob myself of the opportunity of writing in my own voice-of using my own words and not just a parody of someone else's.

Anyway, I am sooo tired of doing that here on my blog.  MY blog!  Of all places, here I should be totally me.

And so this is my proposed solution: I want to write my posts as posts that I would want to read, not lame copies of another's vision.

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. - Cyril Connolly 
My new official motto
 I was looking through a list earlier of various post ideas I've either scribbled down or begun to draft and then abandoned, I want to share a few of them with you to give you an idea of what I have in mind.

"The World Needs More Happy"

 "Admit it...Things we all did as kids"

"I wanna see the world...Or not"

"Why I don't like Mr. Darcy"

"Hometown Vignettes"

"All the words I would say..."

And I even have a couple series I'd like to write.

"Reclaiming Beauty: Modesty in a modern world"

"Pages Through Time"

"What Defines Gentleman: Reigniting chivalry in the 20th century man"

"On Being a Lady: Timeless femininity for the 20th century woman"

This certainly isn't an exhaustive list, but I think you catch my drift.  Regardless, I want to hear what you think!  Are any of those ideas things you'd like to read?  Do you have any suggestions or ideas to add?  Please, don't hesitate to throw your thoughts into the comments!  We're in this together, I want to hear from you :)