The Young Lady

Salutations, my dear!  I am going to assume that if you clicked on this page you're probably new around here and a bit curious (or just forgot who's blog you were reading).  In either case, welcome to my own cozy little corner of the vast blogging sphere!  Please do make yourself at home, can I offer you some tea?

Oh me!  Where are my manners?  Why, I haven't properly introduced myself!  I'm Emma, pleased to make your acquaintance.  (By those who know me well I am also called as Em, M&M, Lovely Squirrel, and even Chicken Lady, but Emma is just fine!)

Now that we have introductions out of the way, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.  If we're going to be friends (and I have a thrilling suspicion that we will be), here's what you should know.

    Firstly and most importantly,   
I do.  The more you study and learn about The Faith, the more beauty and truth is found.  It is all there.  We just need to look... Remember "seek and ye shall find..."  How blessed we are.
And secondly,
I HAVE FRIENDS JUST AS UNSOCIAL AS I AM! - I thought of Alli and Molly I'm sorry it's funny Alli flips when people diss homeschoolers
All right, okay, I can admit that last part isn't entirely true.
that would be me!!! the more you know me, you forget what normalty is
Like for example,
Don't you test me though
At times
In fact, most days it is quite fair to say that
Image Search Results for my mind!
Most days, that is.  
You see,
Photo | Journaling Junkie | Bloglovin’
So this is
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 34 Pics
With my cup of tea, of course, because
our brains are proper weird
Oh, and
stars at night
Those people are cool, but generally

People often say of me,
 I guess one reason for this is that I delight in the past and
 I read old books because I would rather learn from those who built civilization than those who tore it down.
 I mean honestly,
 Anytime I read your status updates I cannot fathom how we dated so long! You are actually an idiot!
 Yeah, I know
5 Signs That You’re Hopelessly Addicted to Proper Grammar 
But that's probably due to the fact that 
 "I AM A WRITER -This means I live in a crazy fantasy world with unrealistic expectations- THANK YOU for understanding."
And even though I know that right now
 I hope that one day somebody will be heard to say of me:
Should I ever have a daughter, this will be the first quote I hang on her wall; for more than anything I want her to be loved and want to be loved for the beauty that IS her, not that she wears



  1. I can relate with everything you just said (or rather wrote) ;)


    1. Yaaay!!! A kindred spirit, my favorite! :D

  2. Eeee, what a lovely 'about' page! I highly approve of the format. :) (And totally relate to a lot of it!)

  3. Hehe, I'm so glad you like it, it was fun to write! :)

  4. Hi Emma! You have a really pretty blog!!! And we also sound very similar!!! I love swings, I'm homeschooled, I love the Lord, and I'm a writer! I don't like tea, instead I like coffee, so just replace those memes with "coffee" and I can relate!!! XD
    -Gray Marie

  5. Hello Grey Marie! Thank you!!! You're right, it sounds as though we have much in common! Isn't blogging fun like that? We're always getting to "meet" new people with whom we share common interests! Such fun :)
    And COFFEE, yes! I couldn't find a proper meme, but coffee is rather important to me as well ;)



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