Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Who doesn't love an owl? (no pun intended)

   I mean, come on! They're adorable, right? Well, if you feel the same way, I'm sure that you'll LOVE these little guys!

   A few years ago, we visited some crafty friends of ours and they taught us how to make these precious things! They are SO easy! You don't need to know any fancy sewing or embroidering stitches to make them, either! (Yes, you've probably guessed that I like using exclamations points.) 

Plus, there is no end to the colors, patterns or themes, that you make them in!

All that is required to make one of these is felt, embroidery floss, a sewing needle, and buttons!

A friend of mine requested these owls as a special custom order for her and her husband. She asked for a librarian owl and a DOT owl (department of transportation). 

   Hopefully I will be able to get the pattern for these cuties up within the next day or so. I have a few owls that I'm currently working on for my cousins as Christmas gifts. I'll be sure to put up pictures of the finished products, too. :)


Monday, December 22, 2014

3 Days 'til Christmas!

   Yes, I know. You all have probably been wondering whether or not I've fallen off the face of the earth! The answer is no, I'm still here. Sorry it's been so long!

  Can you believe that we only have three more days until Christmas! I certainly can't. I snapped these pictures of Mackenzie this afternoon enjoying her new "perch". Cute, huh?


She is going to be so upset when the tree has to go back in the basement, *ehem*.

I think she started to get annoyed after about the first dozen pictures or so. LOL.

  What do your pets think of your tree? If you have one that is.

Merry Christmas!