Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Dolls' St. Valentines Party

   Hello! So I've finally gotten around to posting these photos ;). The girls took SO many! ( Please bare with me).


I must apologize in advance for the shadiness. My room was kinda dark. 

Lily giving everyone hugs!

Each of the girls took turns holding they're pretty rose-covered heart.

Bridget in probably one of my favorite outfits! Some of you may recognize it as "Molly's Recital Outfit", but in fact it's a recreation done by a lady I know who makes BEAUTIFUL AG doll clothes!

For some reason, I love taking pics of Bridget at this angle. 


Miss Lissie!

Felicity being dramatic!



Here's that promised photo of Abigail!

"Happy St. Valentine's Day!"

Did your doll do anything special on St. Valentine's Day?


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