Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Photo-Shoot

     Yay!  I'm back! Our computer was fixed this morning so we are back in business!  I have a LOT  of posts to share within the next few days so let's start with the girls' Easter photo-shoot!



 and Lily all dressed up in their Easter finery.

Technically, Bridget is wearing a wedding gown, 

but it looked spring-y and it's one of my favorites.  (My Mom made it ;)

 I love doll hair!

Little Miss Lissie!

 Lily, the pink, frilly darling. 

Aren't these doll-sized-chocolate-bunnies-for-humans adorable!

My Gramma gave one to each of us. My brother and sister let me borrow their's so that my dolls would have enough. (Thanks, guys!)

Hope you enjoyed! Stayed tuned for a couple more belated Easter photos!



  1. I love how they all have little chocolate bunnies. So cute! I'd love it if you could check out my blog Thanks!

  2. Thanks, AJ! I checked out your blog, it's pretty cool!


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