Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year! And Other News.

*Important* New Contest Winner Below

   Hello!  So I may be a tad late on the whole New Years well-wishing but at least it isn't too late to say Merry Christmas, since the Christmas season doesn't end until tomorrow  :)  Anyways, happy 11th day of Christmas! Sorry I didn't get you "Eleven pipers piping".

  So let us see, my phone is throwing a bit of a tantrum at the moment so I won't be able to show you my dolls' Christmas gifts :(  I was able, however, to salvage a few photos taken from one of our local parishes Nativity scene that I found pretty impressive. The photos are courtesy of my brother, who assisted in the construction of the Nativity :).

This is the view from the pews...

Baby Jesus wasn't in the manger yet at the time this photo was taken because it was not Christmas Eve. At that point the priest would place the Infant Jesus in His bed of straw.

My family has helped construct this Creche every year for as long as I can recall and even before that!  It takes a quantity of time and patience to get it just right but it's always worth the effort!

Here is what the Main Altar looks like all bedecked in poinsettia.

  I hope you enjoyed that :). Now on to my next order of business. Do you recall that contest I held? Well, much to my disappointment, I never heard from the winner within the set time and have drawn a new name. Are you ready? The new winner is...

Sophie Amelie Moreau

Please send me an email with your address as soon as possible to:

Thank you to everyone else who entered!



  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! :0)


  2. Ooh, awesome! I can't believe I won! I will send you an email right now. :)

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous! Our church was beautifully decorated too :) That is so cool, your family is in charge of the creche?! I wonder who does it at our church. We also have a creche in our living room. Our family has had it for as long as I can remember :)

    1. Yes, we have a little creche that we setup on our home altar every year :) Just one of those special traditions!

  4. As a fellow Roman Catholic, I can't help mentioning that Christmastide ends January 13th. The Christmas cycle ends February 2nd (Candlemas). Of course since Septuagesima is before Feb. 2nd this year, it makes things rather confusing.

    Your church is super pretty!

    1. Thank you for mentioning that! I realized after I posted this that I had my dates a bit muddled!

      And, yes, this year is especially confusing! :)


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