Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy National Puppy Day!

     Okay, technically that was yesterday so perhaps I should rephrase; "Happy BELATED National Puppy Day!" Anyway, I've been needing to post a few photos of my Beagle-girl, so it was a good excuse. :)

Squish-face ;)

Just layin' around. (Her specialty)

Benjamin's feet. Whoops!


Lady Cricket!

  Sorry for such a short post, I'll try and get something else up soon! 

  Do any of you have any dogs? What about your dolls?



  1. Cute photos! We only have cats, but our dolls have dogs! :)
    We nominated you for an award!

  2. Yes, kitties are my favorites!

    Thanks for the award, Ginny!


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