Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meet My Dolls

  Hello! So I thought it would be fun to let you all get to know my dolls a little better so this is a profile page for them!  Due to my lack of electronic knowledge I wasn't quite sure how to make it into a separate page so for now you'll have to just bare with me. ;)


Nickname: Lissie, or Licity

Middle Name: Adelaide

Age: 12

Birthday: April 21st.

Favorite Animal(s): HORSES!!!

Personality: Imaginative, playful, helpful to others, dramatic and a sweet friend to everyone.

Trademark(s): Long, dark-red hair and bright green eyes.

Pet: She is the main care-taker of there horse, Starlight, whom they share.

Enjoys: Caring for younger sisters, horse-back riding, inventing games to play with sisters, and crafting.

When I got her: I believe it was in January of 2010. She was my first 18 in. doll and I'd been saving up for her with my own money. I was so excited!


Nickname: Lil

Middle Name: Grace

Age: 11

Birthday: September 8th.

Favorite Animal(s): Kitties!

Personality: Quiet, shy, generous to others.

Trademark(s): Dark, curious eyes, ready smile.

Pet: White kitten ( I haven't named her yet, any suggestion?)

Enjoys: Reading, making crafts, entertaining baby sister, Abigail.

When I got her: My Memere bought her for me for my birthday. I got to pick her out at AG Place Boston on Labor Day weekend, 2011.


Nickname: None

Middle Name: Eleanor (that was my secondary name choice for her.)

Age: 9

Birthday: October 31st.

Favorite Animal(s): Dogs, birds.

Personality: Outgoing, adventurous, energetic.

Trademark(s): Wavy, dark hair, freckles, and hazel eyes.

Pet: Ginger, there dog that they share.

Enjoys: Exploring, bird watching, making up stories.

When I got her: She arrived on October 31st, 2013.


Nickname: Abby

Middle Name: Rose

Age: 9 mo

Birthday: April 14th.

Favorite Animal(s): Um... does Bitty Bear count?

Personality: Sweet, gentle, loving.

Trademark(s):  Sparkling brown eyes and rosy cheeks.

Pet: None, she's too little.

Enjoys: Cuddles, stories, and Bitty Bear.

When I got her: Spring, 2009. She was my first American Girl doll.

      Well, there we are! If you have any other questions about my dolls please feel free to comment them below!



  1. I love your dolls' names! :) By the way, to make a separate page for the profiles, you can go on the Blogger Dashboard, click on the little downward arrow button (between 'view blog' and the pencil button). The second item on the list is 'Pages'. Click it, then near the top-left of the page it takes you to there is a button labeled 'New Page'. If you click that, it works the same as a normal post from then on, except it appears as a separate page on the blog. :)

  2. Thanks, Nikki! I'll have to try it again, maybe this time I can figure it out! :)


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