Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Lady Returns

   No, you haven't imagined it.  It's true.  I'm really and truly returned to this dear little spot, and I must admit, I've missed it and I've missed you!  I told myself I wouldn't laden this post with all manner of lengthy apologies, explanations, and promises  of amendment.  I will say once that I am truly sorry for the delay and move on to more important things!

   I will, however, give you an overview of my adventures since last our paths crossed! (Which, in case you were wondering, has been exactly 125 days.  Yes, I counted.)  Anyways.

  • I helped throw a surprise bridal shower for that wonderful sister o' mine! 

  •  I finally took the plunge and started my very own flock of backyard chickens!  (more on them later!)

This is Kateri ;)

  • Also, I took my first road trip to New York state!  (Well, first road trip to anywhere, actually.)

  • And was maid-of-honor in the wedding of the year! (Congratulations, you two!)

   Needless to say, I've had quite a lot to keep me busy!  I thought about you all so often! Thank you to those of you who sent little messages of concern through the comments, it's nice to know you've been missed!  (You know who you are! ;)  Although, I mustn't make off as if those few things above mentioned were all that kept me away.  Because, in truth, they weren't the only reason!

(Image courtesy of Pinterest)

   Something was bothering me about this dear old place and I couldn't get to the bottom to discover just what it was.  I was still posting on a fairly regular basis then, but something was not right.  I went back in my mind searching for the reason I had started this blog in the first place.  The reason?  I love to write!  That's the reason so many of you started your own blogs, for goodness sake!

   There, I'd found my reason!  Now what was wrong?  I could see it right off.  I wasn't letting my true feeling into what I wrote, not the way it did in my personal writing.  Everything on here that I reread seemed dull to me, my heart just wasn't there.

   Before you all go into a panic thinking I'm shutting down my blog or some such nonsense, the answer is no!  I wouldn't do that to you and I know I certainly couldn't do that to myself, either.  I am simply going to start fresh!  To write straight off the top of my head and see what happens!  I hope you'll stick around for the ride!




  1. Hi I'm so glad you're back! Alright this is kind of a strange question but what is that lovely painting of that girl called?


  2. Aww! Thank you, Sylvia, I'm glad to be back!

    There's no such thing as a strange question ;) I'm actually not sure what it is called, I can't seem to find the name anywhere, which is strange! I can tell you this much, though, it was painted by Konstantin Lizarazu Karimov :)

    This is another one of his that I love https://67.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mczyf3Fv9B1rgp85io1_500.jpg



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