Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Kitties!

     Hello, lovelies! Well, technically their "birthday" was on Friday but something came up and I haven't had a chance to post. ANYWAY.  I collected a few a million of my favorite pictures and will probably add lots of little tidbits about my kitties.  So, if you hate cats, I wouldn't recommend reading the rest of my crazy cat lady ramblings ;).  Shall we begin?

 Yep.  My dog absolutely loves her puppies. I mean *ahem* kitties.

I took these this morning while my brother played with an elastic string tied to a stick.

Most of them were pretty weird and blurry...

But I liked the "action" look.

Ah, yes.  At our house, a sure sign of Spring is when there are a bunch of cats fighting over who gets to sit in the open window.  Usually Benjamin wins by sheer size but it's cuter when they squish in together. :)

The cats (mainly the big guy) became obsessed with the hat and mitten basket over the winter. 

Now that it's warmer, I don't think they're finding umbrellas very comfortable to sleep on! 

He possesses a certain knack for falling asleep in really random positions. It's pretty adorable!!!

Benjamin is commonly referred to by the following nicknames: Benji, Fluffkinz, Mr. Fluff-stuff, Handsome, Lovekinz, Benjamin Bunny, Fluffington and Grand Puba of The World.

Now, this sweet little girl is Mackenzie.

Oh my goodness, she is such a love bug!!! I just love her! Don't get me wrong, I love both of my cats but Mackenzie is the most cuddly. Benjamin tends to keep to himself and is rather condescending (he does get friendly when we feed him and when I sing to him) ANYWAY. 

Mackenzie has a habit of laying down on a project that you're trying to work on. It's as if she doesn't think the picture complete unless she's in it, posing.

Ah, yes. The empty food dish pose...

No idea how she gets into those positions...

Aaawww the three musketeers. 

I love this picture!!!!!!!

Her nicknames are: Princess, Empress, Peanut, The Decoy (because when you find her being cute, Benjamin is probably near by plotting evil), Mackenze, Kenzie, and Little Gray Squirrel. (The last being my personal favorite.)

My cutie :)

I have no idea how he got in to this position.

It looks rather painful if you ask me! Talk about flexible spines!

And, in closing, this is a behind-the-scenes photo from Lily's post the other day.  The cats stared at me the whole time!

     Wow! That was a lot longer than expected! I'm sorry!

     I hope you enjoyed it anyway!


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