Monday, June 29, 2015

"While the Petals Fall"~A Photoshoot

   Hello Darlings! Sorry it's It's not like I haven't been thinking of you though, because I have! Life has just gotten pretty busy but I won't boar you with it. lol I will make an attempt to post as often as my schedule allows. Enjoy the photos (they were taken back in May ;).

I wish there were some way that I could let you smell those apple blossoms! They were absolutely heavenly! 

So very delicate!

Bridget reminds me of a little wood nymph in this picture.

I love this one!

The petals really were falling while I snapped pics!

Just a silhouette in the sunlight.

What could she be dreaming of?

I hope you liked them! Did you have a favorite?



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